What do my coachees think about my method?

"I was coached by Luis Marty, from Pro Active Mind and I am so grateful for it. I had the opportunity to get over some mental barriers and weaknesses that I had. Thanks to him and his team I have evolved considerably as a person, as well as developed several specific emotional skills. I definitely recommend this great professional to those who want to overcome personal and professional challenges".

Pablo Quevedo

"Luis has been very helpful. I was lost and he helped me to face all my problems as well. Also, he helped me to be more confident, make better decisions and find my own way. His guidance made me see myself from a different perspective, which is much more positive and constructive. If you decide to work with him you will see great results shortly. As for the price of his services, it is more affordable and it is totally worth to hire him. Therefore, I definitely recommend his services as a Coach to anyone who either is lost or fell lack of motivation".

Christian Del Valle

(Vocational Coaching)

"Working with Luis was a great opportunity for me to face some situations that didn´t let me neither reach my highest performance nor play (tennis) loose. I definitely recommend him to work with as he is an extremely reliable professional"

Santiago Plaza

(Tennis player)

"I really evolved as a person thanks to Luis. Working with him was a decisive step towards the challenges I needed to face in order to move forward". 

Fernando Granero

Tenista senior (campeón del mundo) y co-director de la escuela de tenis

Tie Break

"The Coaching process with Luis was an unforgettable experience. He helped me to improve tactically and mentally (in tennis). I always finished my sessions smiling and willing to pursue new challenges. I highly recommend Luis´services".

P. Cañero

Jugador de tenis

"The Coaching process with Luis was unforgettable.

He helped me not only as a Tennis player, but also to face my studies as well as my personal challenges in a positive way by being more resilient and aware of the situation. 

I really enjoyed each session, learning many things and smiling.

The process has been very satisfying as well as beautiful. I have been able to see a huge progress in my attitude on court and off the court. 

I totally recommend Luis as a Coach, since he helps you to know yourself on each situation. The results after the sessions have been very positive as you learn many values which are very useful not only for sports but for life in general.

Deborah Del Valle

Jugadora y entrenadora de tenis