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What is a MTP?

    It is a process of Mental Coaching sessions in which the athlete, student or patient train his or her mind in order to reach his or her goal. 


A specific plan is designed and customised for the client, 100% adapted to his or her needs and availability in terms of timetable, schedule, etc. Sessions last approximately 1 hour, which might vary slightly depending on the goal and other circumstances inherent in the process. Confidentiality is a mandatory rule for the process. Therefore, the coach will not be allowed to tell anything said by the coachee during sessions to a third party without his or her express consent. In this respect, a confidentiality agreement will be signed prior to the start of the process.

What is included in this service?

   First of all, we will have a meeting in order for you to tell me what your goals are, which aspects of yourself you would like to improve (concentration, confidence, emotional management, etc). Then I will assess the starting point of the situation and I will solve your questions about the process conditions. Depending on the process modality chosen, you will have access to a certain number or sessions. This information is described in detail below.

Sessions include a follow up as well as an evaluation on the goals compliance level reached up to that point. Also, the areas where there is scope for improvement and the difficulties that are preventing you from making progress through the Coaching process. Additionally, the environment of the coachee (360 Degree feedback) will be analysed in order to find out which variables might be having an impact on his or her performance. Finally, an action plan will be set up.

You will get a follow up report half-way through the process and a final report at the end of the process. Both reports will contain a summary about the process itself, including goals pursued, compliance level of the goals, areas that have been trained and tools learned and used within the process, among others.

At the end of the process you will get some material related to the aspects trained during the process in order for you to keep making progress on your goals. 

If you choose the Sport Mental Coaching option you will have the opportunity to add a Scort service for tournaments to it. This modality includes a preparation before the match (tactical approach, relaxation techniques, concentration and focus, visualization, warm up, etc), support and assistance during the competition (Coaching, video analysis option) and lastly, after competition (strech, performance analysis, etc).


Depending on the specific characteristics of the process as well as your individual circumstances, you can choose between the following options: 

Face to face:

Individual session

Group session (at least 3 participants)

Scort service to a competition (preparation before the match, support during the competition and analysis after the game)

Voucher 4 sessions + 1 for free

Voucher 8 sessions + 1 for free


Voucher 4 sessions + 1 for free

Voucher 8 sessions + 1 for free

Additionally there are 3 more modalities for Sport Mental Coaching:

Voucher 4 sessions + Scort service to tournaments for free

Voucher 8 sessions + Scort service to tournaments for free

Voucher 3 escorts to tournaments including a preparation session before the competition, Coaching and support during the game and analysis after the match.

Please let me know what you need, depending on the goals you want to achieve so we can agree on a price 100% tailored to your needs as well as your economic possibilities.


​   Workshops, courses and key notes for athletes; athlete relatives; coaches; managers of sports academies, companies and educational institutions of all ages. The methodology of this training activities is based on learning by experience and fun.

 Contact me without obligation in order to tell me what your needs are and know more about the price of these services.