What is the foundation of the REMAR (ROW) method?

     This method is based on the application of fundamental personal values (responsability, determination, motivation, action and performance) to the sport area. This acronym is a metaphor about water sports in which paddles are used, such as canoeing. In these kinds of sports it is critical to keep rowing in spite of the difficulties that turn up on the way, such as the current of a river, weather conditions, fatigue, lack of focus, etc. Being able to adapt yourself to the circumstances on each moment, taking advantage from your own resources and skills is key. This methodology can also be easily extrapolated to other areas of your life, as sport sets you up for life.  


     There is no need to endure anything for no reason, but find your why to keep rowing through thick and thin is key. You need to reflect on what you want to achieve in your sport. 


The meaning of life, according to the prestigious psyquiatrist Viktor Frankl, who was a survivor from the concentration camp of Auschwitz, lies on a statement which was made for him: "find a purpose, a why (the reason why we do what we do)". For instance: Do I want to become a pro in my sport?, am I an athlete already but I feel stuck?, do I want to enjoy myself training and competing?, am I feeling unable to handle my emotions when I practice my sport (frustration, anxiety, sadness, anger, etc) and I constantly get mentally blocked?, did I lose motivation to keep practicing my favorite sport and I want to get it back? Do I need to get motivated to pass my exams and access the degree I am passionate for? 

Each person has her or his values, principles and priorities. That´s why it is crucial that each one of us is able to reach the mental clarity level needed to define his or her own goals. Each person needs to be guided by his or her own values instead of doing it according to social stereotyping. That is not always easy. However, making your dreams come true in your sport while you grow as a person is the best payoff you can get.  








This all sounds great, right? Maybe you are wondering: ok, so what now? So after reflecting about the above thoughts, the next step is to define your goals. These goals must be SMART (specific, measureable, achievable, realistic and timely) and more importantly, they have to be relevant for you. This might seem obvious, but you should think about what is the reason why you want to pursue those goals. Would you like to do it because you want to feel more motivated and fulfilled on a daily basis? Is it because you want to help others?, is it because you want to please others?, is it because you want to raise your standards?, etc. There is no right or wrong answers to these questions. This is about you finding your own goal, which needs to be aligned with your life purpose.  

     Moreover, you need to know the resources available that you have. I mean your personal resources (determination, confidence, excitement, etc), people in your life who can help you and support you (family, friends, colleagues, etc), material (finances, etc) and intangible (time, health, etc) in order for you to increase your chances to reach your goals, as well as those resources that we don´t have yet.

     This process needs to be followed up in order to see the progress, as well as the difficulties that have to be overcome along the way. In addition, it is important to identify the aspects that can be improved in order to make the adjustments necessary to approach our goal.

The method REMAR (ROW) focuses on these aspects:

  • Mental clarity. Clear your doubts and "mental noise" from your path and connect with what is really relevant for you, which is your own self. In other words: Wake up!

  • Confidence. Once you are aware of where exactly you want to head to, you need to identify all the resources that you already have. Also, you need to find out those resources you need to get or reinforce in order to progress towards your aim. We all have potential and resources. The only thing we have to do is unlocking them by doing some introspection. This way you will be able to use your potential and resources much more efficiently. To sum up, the starting point is believe that you can do it! 

  • Commitment. Once you have found your own way as well as your strengths and weaknesses, you can decide if you are commited to your action plan. Your success in getting your goals depends on your commitment. Nevertheless, you will have my guidance and support during the whole process. I will help you improve your commitment so you will have more chances of succeeding. 

  • Concentration. This is a key part of mental training. I will provide you some tools to train your mind. This training will make you be more present, 100% focused on what you are doing on each moment so you will be much more effective.  

  • Handling emotions. Emotions can be either our best ally or our worst enemy. The good news is this depends on you. Awareness and follow up of emotions in different scenarios will help you be able to handle your emotions properly and use them efficiently. 

  • Ongoing personal development. After finishing the process your level of awareness, commitment and skills in general will be much higher. Therefore, once you have reached your targets, I will encorauge you to keep challenging yourself and continuing your personal growth throughout your life. This will keep you full of energy and motivation to initiate any personal or professional project that you want to launch succesfully.

These are the key values of the method REMAR (ROW):


With yourself as well as with the rest of the people around you; as well as resilience, which is the ability to get recovered from a fail and get back on track to pursue your goals and try even harder.

Entrega (dedication)

Dedication to all that you believe in and what you really want to achieve.


It comes from within. Real motivation comes from what you are really passionate about and what gives deep meaning to your life. 


Once your path is clear you must set an action plan that will get you to your goals, which should be realistic and specific. If you enjoy the process and learn something by doing it you will see your natural talent coming up and becoming bigger every day.

Rendimiento (Performance)

Focus on improving your performance the results will come sooner or later. Patience and consistency are key factors here.